East Plano Islamic Center presents matrimony program to help those in the community wishing to get married.  To provide that program, we have partnered with two non-profits that are dedicated to the institution of marriage in the Muslim communities: IslamicMatchMakers and MuslimMatrimonyNetwork.

Fees are kept minimal to be affordable to everyone. There is a one-time non-refundable $50 registration fee.  There are no monthly fees and singles can stay in our database and work with a dedicated matchmaker until they get married.  The only requirement to stay is to be serious about marriage and to be responsive.  

Once there is a match where both parties are interested, the matchmakers will arrange a conference call between the two singles to help them get introduced and ask their most important questions first to establish compatibility for marriage. The matchmakers will be on the conference call with both singles to offer their guidance and support. There is a modest fee of $50 per hour for the conference calls. 

 If the conference call(s) go well, the singles can move forward to the contact exchange step where the matchmakers will hand it off to the families and continue to get updates from both parties to ensure everything is going in the right direction insha’Allah. There is a modest fee of $100 for contact exchange. 

The first step in the process is to fill the form below:

It is a 5 minute registration. Once you register,

  1. You will pay the $50 non-refundable registration fee.
  2. After you pay, you will be able to login and finish your marriage profile by uploading 4-5 pictures and answering a questionnaire.
  3. Once you finish your profile, you can schedule a time with the registration specialist to go over your profile together.
  4. After that, you will be assigned a dedicated matchmaker to work with. Each month you can reach out to your matchmaker to go over potential matches and provide your feedback over the phone.

A Note About Privacy: The system is built around confidentiality so only your matchmaker has your detailed information. Your anonymous profile is shared with other matchmakers and only to clients who are highly qualified. Once there is a match where both parties are interested, the matchmakers help the singles get introduced and determine compatibility for marriage on a conference call. No contact information is shared at this point. After the conference call(s), if both parties want to move forward, they can get the families involved and proceed with contact information exchange insha’Allah. Your matchmaker will be with you through the entire process to provide guidance and advice.

Note: East Plano Islamic is providing matrimony services through 3rd party non-profits institutions.  Any personal information collected on the form is securely kept with the institutions.  For General Inquires Contact: info@islamicmatchmakers.org

Muslim Matrimony Registration

Please fill in the registration form below so we can begin the search for your significant other.
NOTE: We currently only accept clients from the US, UK, or Canada.
Only pay for results: $50 one time non-refundable registration fee, no monthly fees, and $50 / hour conference call with a potential spouse and $100 upon final match (contact exchange).

Service Provided by IslamicMatchMakers.org and MuslimMatrimonyNetwork.org

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