Establish a model community that provides services now and for future generations promoting tolerance, diversity and unity with which Allah is pleased.



Our mission is to provide religious, social, and educational services to inspire the Muslim community to fulfill its responsibilities and contribute to the betterment of society by following the principles of Quran and the noble life of our Prophet Muhammad.



  • We strive to work in harmony with other Muslim and non-Muslim groups and civic organizations to meaningfully contribute to charitable causes and enhance our collective future
  • We provide a full spectrum of valued resources and services to our diverse community
  • We aim to provide a safe place for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect, pray, learn, play and grow in accordance with Quran and Sunnah
  • With love and compassion, we hope to inspire and build the future generation of responsible Muslims in America.
  • We provide our services in a transparent and effective way, leveraging a team of dedicated and volunteer resources

The BOD at EPIC is responsible for administering the day-to-day affairs of EPIC, taking care of and maintaining EPIC’s facilities and properties, managing expenses as approved by the BOD, and performing such acts that may be necessary for achieving the goals, vision and overall objectives of EPIC.

Qualifications: Members running for the office of the BOD must have adequate time (approx. 10-12 hours per week), dedication, and skills to be able to devote to the work in a volunteer capacity to fulfill the objectives. The members must exhibit necessary leadership and communication skills and a lack of desire for the title, but a strong desire for the work. The members must also have the ability to present ideas in a balanced and egalitarian way and maintain the ability to compromise when necessary. The candidate for the President will not hold or accept any office such as Chairman, Chairman-Elect, President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer in any other Islamic/Muslim Organization.

Eligibility: Candidates for the Board of Directors must be: a) Good law abiding legal resident and Sunni Muslims who believe in the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as the last Prophet and his teachings as the guiding principles. b) General body member in good standing and active member of one EPIC Committee for at least one (1) year.

EPIC has Seven (7) Board of Directors (BoD) that are elected to office by the General Body members. The current Board of Directors elected are:

  • Imran Chaudhary - President
  • Sameer Siddiqui - Vice President
  • Riyad Chowdhury - Treasurer
  • Asher Khan - Secretary
  • Baseer Syed - Board Member
  • Mohammed Yahya Shaikh - Board Member
  • Abu Belal - Board Member

In addition to managing the affairs of the Masjid, the goals of the current Board of Directors are to:

  • Streamline operations, processes and procedures to serve the needs of the community
  • Empower committees and the youth to provide excellent services
  • Contribute to society-at-large through outreach and social services

Whether you have a question, an inquiry, a comment or a request, we appreciate you taking the time to write. To contact the EPIC Management team click here


1360 Star Ct, Plano, TX, 75074



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