Pillar Name: Clean The Environment

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  • Introduction to the pillar
    • “Cleanliness is half of belief.” (Muslim)
      • Cleaning and maintaining our environment in the physical sense such as our homes, masjids, or schools and metaphysical state such as our soul or thoughts are critical to spiritual guidance as muslims. Ranging from food waste to not killing animals for no good reason are all topics mentioned in the Quran.
    • The EPIC, Clean the Environment Pillar seeks to engage activities that promote a green and or clean environment for the community. In addition we seek to promote and educate steps within our organization to limit waste, recycle, and be thoughtful when using resources.
  • Message from our Pillar Lead
    • As a life scientist for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, I have a strong passion for the environment and am well versed with various regulations enforced by the U.S. government. I have a Masters in Chemistry and a Bachelor’s in Biology from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas. My interest to be a Pillar Lead, comes from the diversity of the EPIC community members such as culture, language,residence, age, and innovative ideas.
  • Strategy
    • Partner with cities in order to engage in events to promote clean environments
    • Informing community members of steps to cleaner environment in their homes by providing literature from federal agencies
    • Provide recycling bins throughout the masjid
    • Sort trash as EPIC events, especially those during Ramadan. Organic waste can be composted.
    • Organizing a team of volunteers to clean the masjid. Cleaning includes but is not limited to: vacuuming, window wiping, bathroom cleaning,mopping, dusting, and physically arranging table/chairs. The volunteers will be educated on chemicals and a Green approach.
  • Facts
  • Why
    • Healthier lives for EPIC members and for our community members.This can be tangible measured from surveys from the community members.
  • What
    • Reach out to city’s volunteer opportunities and see if EPIC can take lead on a project(s).
    • Organize a cleaning crew for the masjid. Some cleaning supplies might be required.
    • Have educational talks or demonstrations on being environmentally conscious (i.e. LED vs incandescent light bulbs cost, recycling, composting, mold remediation, or explaining what happens at landfill). Resource needed would be just a space to give demonstration.

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